How you determine the coordinates of payment terminals and ATMs?

Each point of reception of cards has a set of various ID, allowing it to be uniquely identified. Processing data about a point from various sources of information (open and closed) allows to get information about the placement, exclude incorrect data.

In the bank statement on transactions, you could always see where the card transaction was made, is it not enough?

If depends on what you want. If you need to distinguish one operation from another, then this usually suffices. But you should remember that sometimes the address is missing, sometimes it сontains errors. The names of the same city can be recorded in different ways. At the same time, the names of the different stores can be the same. Addresses in other countries can be completely unintelligible.

Smartphones already used instead of cards (Apple Pay, Android Pay), and they can accurately determine coordinates.

Smartphones can not completely replace cards in the near future. Determining the coordinates of a smartphone can be disabled by the user. Signals of positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS) used by a smartphone may be inaccessible (for example inside buildings) or distorted. Our solution allows us to obtain data about the terminal regardless of external factors.

If the terminal is mobile and does not have a fixed place of installation (for example, used by a courier), what coordinates will the service show?

For such devices, the area in which they are used is specified.

Suppose the bank today put a new ATM, how can you know where it is in advance?

If the information about the installation of the new ATM is absent in the analyzed sources, the address can be determined based on the authorization data.

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